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Who We Are:

The GreenTransitions Foundation is dedicated to the study of emerging technologies that can help us tread more lightly on this planet, and the way political policies impact our ability to do so, in essence, a sustainability think tank. From these studies we will be implementing designs as small experimental homesites that will be lived in and evaluated for their role as part of a sustainable living philosophy. In addition, work within the larger (local) community will be undertaken to evaluate how such findings can be applied to the larger world. The results will be reported here regularly and over the years in hopes that what we learn may help others.

We have two primary goals:

GreenTransitions is located in Mendocino County, Northern California. Brian Corzilius (electrical, software and chemical background) and Candice Clayton (botany and accounting background) head the group. We offer consulting services for corporations as well as smaller businesses and homesteads. Drop us a line if you'd like to discuss how we can help you or to submit products for evaluation.


"The scarcest resource is not oil, metals, clean air, capital, labor, or technology.
It is our willingness to listen to each other and learn from each other
and to seek the truth rather than to seek to be right."

- Dr. Donella Meadows (1941-2001), founder of the
Sustainability Institute


What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the use of resources in a manner in which they can be replenished -- either naturally or by human intervention and management. Put in another way, sustainability can be defined as being able to pass onto future generations the equivalent resources available to the present generation. In our current view of the world, many of the resources we take for granted just aren't being used in a sustainable manner. If we don't start becoming aware of this (depletion), humans as a species are in for dire changes in how we live and survive.

Some of the resources we are not managing well include:

Sustainability doesn't mean moving to the country and getting back to the land. Rather it is in the cities not the suburbs that we must look for solutions as our world population (and its appetite) grows. This includes solutions for mass transit, resource-integrated and in-filled communities and the like. The country land must be preserved for farming and for the wildlife (corridors) and species diversity so critical to our own survival. It is absurd that airable land is considered prime suburban building space (shouldn't zoning or building ordinances prevent this?) -- what will we do to feed ourselves in the future?

Sure, for many of us, buying property and building a homestead in the country is part of the dream we share to prove such can be done sustainably; but we need to share what we learn in a meaningful way such that building codes (and people's thinking) change, that conventional practices are improved and that the world in general moves towards sustainable actions. In short, economic localization.

Capitalism is the biggest threat to democracy AND to sustainable practices. We are increasingly run by special interest groups paid for by big business and the populace's concern go unheard. It is important that we know the truth about the world around us -- politically, socially and economically -- so that each of us can balance the powers that shape our destiny and that of our planet's. All too often topics such as the depletion of resources or the global climate changes are masked (or outright hidden), making consensual and sustainable changes difficult at best.

Read and understand what is happening in the world around you. Look beyond the conventional press. Speak out and let your opinion be heard. The practices of our Government and Corporate America today are the result of too few people voicing their concerns (or voicing concerns simply for their own gain).


You can't disperse millions of years of solar energy, which have been saved in the earth in the form of fossil fuels, back into the atmosphere in a short 150 year period and expect this would not have consequences.

James Kunstler, The Long Emergency

"Critical thought & radical dissent against the Authority created this nation.
Conformity did not."

Truth Now

"We must become the change we seek"

Mahatma Gandhi


Resources to Start With:

Policy Issues, Resources & Sustainability Commentaries -- Environmental and Political Concerns, Commentaries on the Sustainability of this Planet with Respect to Human Actions.
(Energy) Technology Resources -- Organizations, Associations & Cooperatives; Commercial Companies; Reports, Papers & Do-it-Yourself.
Building & Homesite Resources -- Building Technologies, Land Care and Homesite Resources.
Plant, Herbal & Health Resources -- Health, Herbal, Gardening & Farming and Pest Management.
Misc. Papers -- Misc. papers, including community Energy & Economic Localization work.


A Plan for Sustainability:

Retired engineer John Howe has published the book The End of Fossil Energy and A Plan for Sustainability. It is an inexpensive and re-distributable booklet that nicely summarizes the predicament we are in and gives a rationale plan for the future. Specifically a 5% energy reduction annually over the next decade and a half. If we don't, oil will be completely depleted by 2025-2030 and we will have nothing on which to invent and produce post-petroleum energy, let alone to sustain the world. I would highly recommend everyone getting a copy and sharing it with their friends and family. Remember, each of us has a role in shaping the future and the changes need to begin now...
McIntire Publishing/Energy - order here or write to Howe Engineering Company, PO Box 2038 Norway, ME 04268..


Current Projects:

Hacienda del Sol Costa Rica EcoResort and research facility. Advising and design of alternative energy systems as well as sustainable building, waste and water systems. Project is in initial funding stages.

Skyview Research Facility Development of unimproved land for our research facility and a small homesite. Water and road system, gray and black water handling, off-grid electrical and storage, ferrocement structures. Work initiated in November 2004, completion slated for 2008/9. Photos provided here are to help illustrate processes involved.

Willits Economic LocaLization (WELL) Involvement in community inventory and post-petroleum planning. The primary goal is to determine current resource use in a small community (energy, transportation, food, housing, etc.) and to then determine how that community can reduce its consumption and employ predominately local resources. [Fall 2004 - 2006]

Mendocino County Energy Working Group (EWG). Energy task force for developing policy changes for the county's General Plan. The EWG is comprised of energy-professionals from throughout the county representing different regions. A county-wide energy inventory was prepared, including greenhouse gas emissions. Policy suggestions were formulated, including a policy on Intentional Farming Communities (clustered housing, multiple owners, etc.). A final report was prepared containing the above as well as specific (by section) General Plan recommendations. (See Papers) [Fall 2006 - Summer 2007]


How You Can Help Us:

Let us know about technologies or policies that you feel impact sustainable living by emailing us at:

If you, or someone you know, needs custom electronics or software designed, relating to alternative/renewable energy, think about contracting us through our sister site SIE Solutions.

Sponsors are needed! Alternative energy / sustainable product manufacturers and providers who need a test site with constructive and extensive technical evaluation, please consider us. We are interested in evaluating fuel cells, flywheel storage systems, advanced PVs, controllers and inverters, heat pumps, innovative building materials / techniques and the like. We would also like to evaluate remote internet access and distribution services. Let us know what your needs are and let's come to a mutually-beneficial arrangement!


This website was created to share information I thought relevant to others interested in living more lightly, and the philosophies and technologies that might help us get there. It is not meant to be a comprehensive view of what is happening (or available) in this world, nor a doomsayer's prophecy; but merely a starting place for ideas. In effect, it is my own 'idea folder', and I hope others find information here that helps them in their own search for answers...

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